ExpressVPN’s Udemy course on digital privacy

Learn how to safeguard your security, privacy, and anonymity online.

  • 50+ tips and tricks for a safer internet experience
  • Learn about data encryption, mobile security, and more in short videos
  • Watch short videos covering data encryption, mobile security, and more
  • Ideal for internet novices and technophiles alike
  • 50+ tips and tricks for a safer internet experience
  • Learn about data encryption, mobile security, and more through short videos
  • Ideal for internet novices and technophiles alike
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Go online with confidence

In a world of increasing tracking and surveillance, online freedom and privacy might seem out of reach. But going online doesn’t have to mean being exposed, and securing your digital life doesn’t need to be daunting.

In ​​this course, we cover beginner-to-intermediate concepts and solutions for achieving online privacy, security, and anonymity. With years of experience delivering world-leading security and privacy technology, our mission is simple: Make the internet more open, free, and accessible for all. We do this by empowering you with the tools and knowledge to put YOU in charge of your online experience.

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Everyone deserves the right to privacy

That’s why we designed our course around simple and digestible insights that anyone can act on. Whether you have no prior knowledge of security tools, or you’ve already started adding some to your arsenal, we hope you’ll learn something useful.

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Learn on the go

On your daily commute or on your lunch break, we make it easy to learn something new in under five minutes. Start and pause anytime.

Course modules

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Curious about what you'll learn? Read about the course modules below:

Digital Hygiene in Public and at Home
Owning Your Data
Protecting Your Online Accounts
Mobile Security
Safer Social Media Usage

Why is online privacy important?

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As we rely on internet-enabled products and services more and more, the sheer amount of data that exists on the internet and on cloud-based applications is steadily increasing. It’s now more lucrative than ever to profit off this data or use it as leverage to extort large corporations.

The number of global IoT devices has also been forecast to reach 18 billion by this year. This will create a staggering number of potential access points for cybercriminals to infiltrate your home Wi-Fi network and other digital systems. What’s more, 98% of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted, posing the risk of exposing any personal and sensitive data on the network.

It’s now more important than ever to safeguard your online privacy.

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About our mission

At ExpressVPN, we care deeply about improving digital freedom for everyone, from investigating privacy harms, to working with the cybersecurity research community to elevate digital privacy and security for all. Through surveys, academic research, and user interviews, we’re committed to understanding the threats that concern our users so we can protect them effectively—this research informed the development of this course.

Beyond the course, we share the latest security tips, internet privacy news, how-to guides, and explainers on our blog and YouTube channel.

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Take control of your online experience

Let’s explore the internet with privacy, curiosity, and freedom. Enroll in our course today and learn how to better protect yourself and your data.