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Stream French-language TV and movies on TVA+ with ExpressVPN. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and throttle-free access on multiple devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, and web browsers.


Get a VPN for TVA Canada in 3 easy steps

Stap 1

Hoe meld je je aan voor ExpressVPN

Meld u aan bij ExpressVPN met superhoge snelheden.

Step 2

Gebruik een VPN overal ter wereld, ook in Noord- en Zuid-Amerika.

Connect to a secure VPN location in Canada.

Step 3

Enjoy HD streams of TVA Canada on all your favorite devices.

What is TVA+?

TVA+ is the online streaming platform for Montreal-based television network TVA. It features a selection of content from TVA’s nine Québécois channels and includes scripted series, films, reality shows, and children’s content. French-Canadian podcasts and radio broadcasts are also available for streaming. C'est si simple!

TVA+ dashboard UI with programs.

With ExpressVPN, you can securely stream TVA+ for free from anywhere—including public Wi-Fi, school, and office networks. Simply connect to one of our high-speed, secure Canadian VPN servers and start streaming. It’s that simple!

How to stream on your TV with ExpressVPN

Manieren om ExpressVPN op uw smart tv te kijken.

Using ExpressVPN means secure streaming in blazing-fast HD! Here are four ways to stream with a VPN:

  • Download the app to a smart TV. If you have a TV that can install the ExpressVPN app directly, such as Amazon Fire TV or Android TV, just search for the app and install!

  • Connect via HDMI cable. Simply run an HDMI cable from another device with ExpressVPN installed to your TV. Don’t have an HDMI cable handy? Try mirroring or casting instead.

  • Use MediaStreamer. Though MediaStreamer doesn’t offer the privacy protection of a VPN, it works with devices like Apple TV and gaming consoles that normally can’t install a VPN.

  • Use a VPN-enabled router. With ExpressVPN installed on your router every device in your home—including your smart TV or gaming console—can enjoy all the benefits of a VPN. This even covers devices that can’t install a VPN directly.

Besides smart TVs, ExpressVPN also works with a wide range of devices—and you can connect up to 5 at the same time with a single subscription!


Does ExpressVPN work with TVA Canada?
Does TVA Canada work with a VPN?
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Will VPN slow my TVA Canada streaming?
What else can I do with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN voor pc, Mac, iPhone, Android en meer

Bescherm uzelf op elk platform.

VPN voor Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android en routers.

Een enkel ExpressVPN abonnement bevat software oplossingen voor alle apparaten die u in huis hebt, waaronder spelcomputers zoals PlayStation en Xbox en smart TV-systemen zoals Apple TV en Amazon TV Fire Stick.

Can’t find your device? Check out these manual configurations and setup tutorials for a wide range of other devices and platforms.


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