How to Ace Your Virtual Interview With ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN hiring managers share the keys to a successful video interview

Virtual Interview Tips

Video interviews have become increasingly common in the last couple years, and they could even become the norm thanks to their mutual convenience for both job applicants and interviewers. At ExpressVPN, with team members spread across more than 20 countries, we have plenty of experience interviewing candidates virtually. 

Already made it through the first stage of our hiring process? Our hiring managers share their top tips to ace the next stage of virtual interviews.

1. Test your tech

Cut down on the possibility of technical difficulties by testing your hardware and software at least an hour before your interview so you have ample time to fix any problems that arise. If possible, call a friend to test the quality of your speakers, camera, and internet connection.

While you’re at it, make sure to check for your background and other visually distracting elements around you.

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Don’t panic if you run into technical issues during the interview. Instead, just explain the situation, and simply move on. If for some reason the interview cannot continue, quickly drop the hiring manager a call, text, or email to let them know and set up an alternative time. 

We completely understand that technical issues happen all the time, particularly with more people working from home and overloading home networks.

2. Practice your interview skills and stay engaged

In virtual interviews, it’s easy to look like a statue if you’re not moving or showing any sort of enthusiasm. Show how engaged you are by nodding your head, speaking with your hands, and using other non-verbal communication techniques—especially when you’ve muted your microphone while the other person is talking. This shows that you’re actively listening and are fully engaged in what the other party has to say. 

Before your interview, try recording yourself answering questions to see how quickly you speak and how you sound through the microphone.

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3. Ask about our office culture

Culture fit is important to us at ExpressVPN—and probably to you as well! We know one of the potential disadvantages of virtual interviews is that it’s harder to get a feel for the working environment. So don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have about our culture and how we work. And if your interviewer is located in one of our offices, feel free to ask for a virtual tour!

4. Ask for a quick break when needed

Zoom fatigue is real so we understand if you need to take a breather in between interview sessions or schedule another slot with us if the proposed interview schedule seems taxing.

Taking notes during a virtual interview

5. Write a few notes, but don’t read off them 

The great thing about virtual interviews is that you’re able to list out talking points and refer to them (offscreen) whenever you need to. However, you also run the risk of sounding slightly robotic and unnatural when you read off a script entirely.

Instead, list all talking points in bullets or as short sentences, and elaborate on them only when you need to during the interview. 

Allow your interviewer to ask questions and come prepared with questions of your own. The best interviews always feel like a conversation between two respectful, curious individuals, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.

Virtual interview tips research LinkedIn

6. Prepare as you would for an in-person interview

The basic rules of interviews still apply: Do your research on ExpressVPN to learn more about the company. You can alway reach out to us on our official LinkedIn page to ask questions, too!

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