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Connecting a computer to the internet used to be hard. Fifteen years ago only those with the know-how and patience to troubleshoot a dial-up connection could find their way online, and the internet was like a private club for people smart enough to use it.

Nowadays computers are so easy to use they practically connect themselves, and by consequence the internet is teeming with dummies (and the data spies who prey on them). Are you one of them??? Take this quiz and find out!

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Featured images: (1) Creativa / Dollar Photo Club, (2) ysbrandcosijn / Dollar Photo Club, (3) screenshot of Chrome browser, (4) Luis Escóbar / Dollar Photo Club, (5) aerogondo / Dollar Photo Club, (6) Светлана Валуйская / Dollar Photo Club, (7) vchalup / Dollar Photo Club, (8) screenshot of Mac software update, (9) Oleksiy Mark / Dollar Photo Club, (10) jimieye / CC BY 2.0, (11) Alex E. Proimos / CC BY 2.0, (12) Andrey Burmakin / Dollar Photo Club, (13) screenshot from “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Edward Snowden on Passwords”, (14) kav777 / Dollar Photo Club, (15) screenshot of Chrome browser, (16) screenshot of ExpressVPN 4.0 for Mac, (17) modestil / Dollar Photo Club, (18) Minnitre / Dollar Photo Club

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