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Amazon Freevee (IMDb TV) is a premium free streaming service offering thousands of popular classic and new movies and shows, and a growing collection of Freevee Originals. Get ExpressVPN and securely stream Freevee in blazing-fast HD today!


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How to watch Freevee with a VPN

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How to sign up for ExpressVPN

Tilaa ExpressVPN ja sen huippunopea palvelu.

Step 2

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Connect to a VPN server location where Amazon Freevee is available.

Step 3

Laptop, tablet, and phone with Freevee logo.

Log in to Freevee and start watching!

What is Amazon Freevee?

Amazon Freevee UI.

Formerly known as IMDb TV, Amazon Freevee is an ad-supported free streaming service. Freevee features a wide collection of movies, series, and Freevee Originals like Bosch: Legacy, and Alex Rider; and supports a selection of live television content that streams 24/7. It also has licensing agreements with Disney and Universal for more great content to binge!

FAQ: Amazon Freevee VPN

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What else can I do with ExpressVPN?

Why streamers love ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN-käyttäjien suositukset.

Perfect. Unlike other VPNs that took forever to stream anything, with ExpressVPN I never notice a difference at all. It takes a lot to make me happy but this did it for me.

ExpressVPN-käyttäjien suositukset.

Have been using this service for two years now... it's infallible. Works with every app and streaming service. Uptime is good, no stuttering or delay on streams.

ExpressVPN-käyttäjien suositukset.

This is the first VPN service that doesn't slow down or buffer my streaming services while I'm at home. I appreciate that and thank you all for doing it right!

How to stream on your TV with ExpressVPN

Eri tapoja käyttää ExpressVPN:ää älytelevisiossa.

Using ExpressVPN means secure streaming in blazing-fast HD! Here are four ways to stream with a VPN:

  • Download the app to a smart TV. If you have a TV that can install the ExpressVPN app directly, such as Amazon Fire TV or Android TV, just search for the app and install!

  • Connect via HDMI cable. Simply run an HDMI cable from another device with ExpressVPN installed to your TV. Don’t have an HDMI cable handy? Try mirroring or casting instead.

  • Use MediaStreamer. Though MediaStreamer doesn’t offer the privacy protection of a VPN, it works with devices like Apple TV and gaming consoles that normally can’t install a VPN.

  • Use a VPN-enabled router. With ExpressVPN installed on your router every device in your home—including your smart TV or gaming console—can enjoy all the benefits of a VPN. This even covers devices that can’t install a VPN directly.

Besides smart TVs, ExpressVPN also works with a wide range of devices—and you can connect up to 5 at the same time with a single subscription!


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