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Best tech gear for traveling in 2022

From universal adapters to spy cam detectors, here are nine gadgets for a smoother, more enjoyable travel experience.
A printer with an IP address on a piece of printed paper.
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How to find your printer’s IP address

Struggling to find your printer’s IP address? Our guide is here to help you.
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9 best tech gadgets and apps for college

Level up your university life this school year.
3 mins

How to delete your Google account permanently

Concerned about using Google? Learn how to delete your Google account permanently.
From left to right: a white hat, a gray hat, and a black hat.
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What are white hat, gray hat, and black hat hackers?

What makes a hacker good or bad? Their actions and intentions make them white hat, black hat, or gray hat.
A keyboard covered in eyes.
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What are keyloggers, and how do they work?

They record every key you press. Can you protect yourself?
An info sign surrounded by dollar signs
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So your information is on the dark web. What now?

You can’t take it down. But here are the steps to take to protect your identity.
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Why anonymous data isn’t as anonymous as you think

Discover how data de-anonymization, also known as data re-identification, can link anonymized data back to you.
A drone surrounded by a circle with a line through it.
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4 ways to hide from drone surveillance

Commercial drones are common sights—but they might be watching you. Here are ways to hide from drones and avoid surveillance from above.
A laptop masquerading as a bot.
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What are bots and how do they work?

More than half of all internet traffic is made up of bots. Some make our lives easier, while other have more malicious intention. Join us as we discover the difference.
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What is eSIM? And how does it work?

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What is a digital bank?

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Are QR codes safe? Not always

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