Jamie writes about current issues concerning digital privacy and security and is known to interview leading figures in tech. He also keeps an eye on changes in government censorship and surveillance.

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Bruce Schneier on IoT
3 mins

An interview with Bruce Schneier on the Internet of Things, global...

Bruce Schneier is a world-renowned cryptographer and security technologist whom the Economist has dubbed an “internet-security guru.” Schneier has...
Win a free router for NCSAM!
2 mins

Win a VPN-ready router this National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

This competition is over. But you can get an ExpressVPN discount here. This year we’re celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness...
Digital fingerprint with a padlock
1 min

This National Cyber Security Awareness Month, learn all about IoT security...

It’s that time of year again—the evenings are getting chillier, carved pumpkins are popping up on porch-steps, and those...
Five students protecting Dutch digital privacy.
4 mins

Meet the five students fighting for the future of Dutch digital...

The Netherlands passed a law that will greatly increase government surveillance. These students wanted a public discussion first.
1 min
3 mins
16 mins
10 mins
2 mins

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