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Apple iOS Update
3 mins

Explainer: iPhone’s new App Tracking Transparency feature

Apple has rolled out a privacy feature on its iOS 14.5 iPhone update that allows users to opt-out of being tracked on apps. Here’s how it works.
4 mins

Are you human or robot? How CAPTCHAs know

Different types of CAPTCHAs protect websites from spambots. Here’s how they work, and tips to solve them. But first, find all the street signs in these images...
Back to the office? 8 tips to protect your privacy at work
3 mins

Back to the office? 7 tips to protect your privacy at...

Protecting your privacy in the workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some ways you can do so both physically and virtually.
Big Tech Data Users
5 mins

What does Big Tech know about you? Find out

Tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are tracking you. Here is how to see the profiles they have built on you and how to remove some of this data.
Finger Waving, Clubhouse App
3 mins

What is Clubhouse, and is it private?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the invite-only app Clubhouse. But what exactly does the app do, and how safe is it?
Passport Stamp With Globe
5 mins

Working remotely? You can live in these countries on remote-work visas

If your company lets you work anywhere, consider a change of scenery by moving to a country that issues visas for digital nomads.

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