Finding bugs in code.
7 mins

Why software security audits matter

Audits help ensure software is free of vulnerabilities. Find out how we incorporate them into our overall security strategy.
A magnifying glass over code signifying software audit.
2 mins

Independent audit confirms security of Lightway for the second time

Read Cure53's full audit report for our groundbreaking VPN protocol.
Magnifying glass over ExpressVPN Keys logo.
9 mins

Cure53 audits verify security of ExpressVPN Keys password manager

The third-party audits examined our password manager integrated into the ExpressVPN iOS and Android apps, as well as the Keys browser extension for Chrome.
A magnifying glass over a phone with the On button.
4 mins

ExpressVPN validates security of its mobile apps via two external audits

New assessments provide iOS and Android users increased assurance that their privacy is protected.
A magnifying glass with crosshairs over a laptop.
4 mins

ExpressVPN confirms security of its desktop apps with 3 new independent...

Cure53 performed penetration tests and source code audits of our macOS and Linux desktop apps, while F-Secure reviewed our Windows v12 app.
Magnifying glass on a server and document.
3 mins

ExpressVPN’s protections examined in 2 new independent audits, by KPMG and...

Read the full reports on our Privacy Policy protections and server technology security.
Aircove router surrounded by rings.
2 mins

Cure53 audits ExpressVPN Aircove, confirming the router’s security excellence

An external audit, internal threat modeling, and Aircove security features help deliver a secure home VPN experience.
2 mins

Independent audit confirms security of ExpressVPN’s app for Windows

The assessment by cybersecurity firm F-Secure was exceedingly positive.
Servers with shield and thumbs-up symbols
3 mins

Lightway: Open-sourced and audited for proven security

Anyone can see for themselves what’s gone into Lightway’s core code, as well as read an independent audit of Lightway’s security.
A checklist resembling a server.
2 mins

PwC audits ExpressVPN servers to confirm essential privacy protections

Independent audit professionals from PwC exhaustively examined our code and interviewed our team members in order to confirm whether our VPN servers were in compliance with our privacy policy.

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