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Get 3 free extra months of VPN protection + 1 free year of unlimited backup storage

30-day money-back guarantee

mobile phone with ExpressVPN and laptop with Blackblaze computer backup
With ExpressVPN + Backblaze get 3 free months of VPN and a year of free backup

Get 3 extra months free + unlimited Backblaze storage

Sign up for 12 months of ExpressVPN and you’ll get an extra 3 months totally free! Plus, for a limited time, new customers will also receive a free year of Computer Backup from our partners at Backblaze ($70 value).

You won’t find ExpressVPN at a better price anywhere.

What is Backblaze?

Backblaze is a worldwide leader in online cloud backup storage, offering cloud-storage and backup solutions to leading companies and individuals. Enjoy easy online backup solutions for your Mac or PC, along with iOS and Android apps for quick access to your files.

Sign up for ExpressVPN’s exclusive 12+3 offer, and you’ll receive a complimentary one-year subscription to Backblaze that includes:

  • Unlimited online backup for your documents, projects, photos, and everything else

  • Automatic or scheduled backups

  • Access to your backup via mobile iOS and Android apps

  • The ability to restore deleted files or old versions of files

All of your files—including documents, photos, music, and movies—can be automatically backed up, with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited file sizes.

This offer is only valid for new Backblaze customers and must be redeemed within 30 days of your ExpressVPN account signup.

شاهد برامجك المفضلة مع ExpressVPN

Enjoy secure access worldwide

Enjoy streaming services and stay up to date on any network. With ExpressVPN, you can say goodbye to censorship and hello to unlimited bandwidth.

مصباح لامع على نوافذ المتصفح لجعلها خاصة.

Be more anonymous online

ExpressVPN shields your IP address and encrypts your network data so no one can see what you’re doing. Connect to public Wi-Fi safely. One click, and you’re protected.

أجهزة محمولة مع علامة اختيار في فقاعة الكلام.

Use ExpressVPN on every device

Phone, tablet, computer, router—no matter where you are or what devices you’re using, a single ExpressVPN subscription has got you covered.


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برنامج ExpressVPN رائع. سرعة جيدة باستمرار.
برنامج ExpressVPN رائع. سرعة جيدة باستمرار.
أفضل VPN خارجي للخصوصية.
أفضل VPN خارجي للخصوصية.
ExpressVPN هي أفضل خدمة VPN اختبرناها.
ExpressVPN هي أفضل خدمة VPN اختبرناها.

Claim your exclusive free year of unlimited Computer Backup

To claim your free year of unlimited Computer Backup, sign up for ExpressVPN’s 12+3 deal with the button below. Once your subscription is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with an exclusive promo code and a link to Backblaze’s website to sign up and redeem the offer. Note that you must sign up within 30 days of receiving the email.

Please note: This offer is only valid for new Backblaze customers and must be redeemed within 30 days of your ExpressVPN account signup. The plan covers backup for one computer for one year. Upon expiration, Backblaze’s service can be renewed for $7/month or $70/year. Customers are subject to Backblaze’s terms and conditions once an account is created.

فقاعات كلام دعم 24 ساعة.

Live, 24-hour customer support

Real support from real people. We’re available through instant live chat and email to help you set up and troubleshoot.

ضمان استرداد الأموال لمدة 30 يومًا.

30-day money-back guarantee

Our VPN is easy to use. So is our guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.